Top 10 Laptop Brands

There are lots of laptop brands in the market worldwide with distinct designs and features. That’s why people got confused about which laptop brand is perfect for them and that’s why you are also here. Here we are listing the top 10 Laptop Brands from across the globe. These brands has been constantly at the cutting edge of technology, innovation and backed with a superlative customer support, they made themselves as a force to reckon with in this line of business. We went ahead and listed what we believe qualify as the TOP 10 Laptop Brands in the world. You can also ask your friends and colleagues about these laptop brands or either you can read customer reviews online. This will give you some ideas regarding the market and the popularity of these laptop brands in the world.

1. Apple

Apple is definitely one of the luxury brands when it comes to Laptops, Smartphones, Computers and Tablets. Apple is undoubtedly the most luxurious and top-rated laptop brand across the world. Be it laptops or any other gadgets, the class and finesse the brand offers is incompatible. The best features of Apple laptops are the built, user friendly interfaces, the display and power as well as the great customer support. Apart from these qualities, the operating system of Apple laptops are way more error-free than Windows. The pros of the brand includes spectacular performance, fast and responsive system, strong battery life along with out of the box Retina display and color reproduction. The brand also allows the users to install Windows, which is a great plus.  

Apple’s laptops are highly modified regarding technology, and the brand does not believe in compromising its technical specifications. Apple is the best brand for people who are planning to spend a good amount of money to purchase laptops. It may be a little costly but it offers many features. This brand’s best and good-looking models are MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air.



Top-Rated Apple Laptops

  • Best Laptop: 16-inch MacBook Pro
  • Best Value and Selection: 13-inch MacBook Pro
  • Best Student Laptop: MacBook Air


HP also known as Hewlett-Packard is one of the oldest electronics brands. HP laptops used to be one of the most popular laptop brands in the initial days. Though the brand name doesn’t shine as bright as it used to be, these reliable machines are still loved by many. HP manufactures the best student laptops ever that are highly budget friendly. When it comes to desktops, they still provide the most reliable machines and are widely used by gamers and professionals. It is a worldwide popular laptop brand best known for its high performance and stylish look. The HP laptops have got global recognition just because of their stylish designs and high performance. Besides that, HP’s laptops are very affordable for everyone who is planning to purchase a laptop and also very easy to use.

When it comes to laptop range, HP has convertibles, fanless laptops, gaming devices, detachable 2-in-1s, basic notebooks, and high-end workstations, etc. Their machines excel in performance. Moreover, their high-end series like Spectre, Omen, and ZBook, packs in some of the best features and offers best value for money.

The entire HP Spectre and Envy lineup come with gem-cut design elements and captivating aesthetics. The competent customer service and the brand warranty are also amazing pros that makes it one of the most loved among the top 10 laptop brands



Top-Rated HP Laptops

  • Best Laptop: HP Spectre 
  • Best Value and Selection: HP Envy 13
  • Best Premium Laptop: HP Elite Dragonfly

3. Lenovo

Lenovo is a Beijing based global conglomerate, associated with computer manufacturing. Their laptops are ideal for all kinds of tasks and can be used by anyone including professional gamers, businessmen and college students. This brand has a major role in manufacturing the best laptop suitable for all the professionals who need to get high performance while they are working on the laptop. The laptops from Lenovo are very versatile and come in different price ranges. Lenovo is the name that pops first in consumer’s minds when we say premium.

The most important feature of this brand is high performance with comfort and not only power but also super flexible design. The Yoga and Flex series include some of the best portable laptops. Though the pricing can be a tad bit higher than the competitors, the smooth performance is heavily appreciated among the consumers. Also, the hardware components are extremely durable and reliable. 

Lenovo is very famous for its range of 2-in-1 laptops. The Lenovo ThinkPad T450s is the best laptop ever formed by the company. This model has numerous features including a brilliant battery life with an extended battery, durable design, and good keyboard facility. The company also offers affordable warranty extensions, on select devices.



Top-Rated Lenovo Laptops

  • Best Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 
  • Best 2-in-1 laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 
  • Best Value and Selection: Lenovo ThinkBook 13s

4. Dell

Dell has been one of the best-selling laptop brands in the world due to its high-quality products and best service. Thus, there is no need for an introduction to this laptop brand for the reason that Dell is the most popular laptop brand in the world. If you’re looking for the best Windows laptop then you will certainly have to go with the Dell. Their technical and after sales support is really worth praising and is appreciated by users worldwide. Majority of Dell laptops are budget-friendly and most of their design and hardware is very straight forward and powerful. However, not everyone likes a simple design and that’s the only reason some users avoid Dell. 

Inspiron is a perfect choice for budget users where XPS can be used for high-end usage and of course Alienware for gamers. Also according to recent lists, Dell is one of the best-selling laptop brands in 2021. They have laptop for just about everyone. The laptops of this brand are just amazing with a great look and great features a comfortable keyboard, a small footprint, as well as amazing battery life. The latest Dell models have an HD touch screen display which is quite stupendous.

Dells offers budget-friendly laptops that are built with powerful hardware. The durability and professional design are some of the few reasons why it is ranked as one of the top 10 laptop brands. Their collection of laptops is seriously hard to count and most of their notebooks have all the latest features covered including touchscreens, backlit keyboards, powerful processors and long lasting batteries.



Top-Rated Dell Laptops

  • Best Laptop: Dell XPS 13
  • Best 2-in-1 laptop: Dell XPS 13 2-in-1
  • Best Value and Selection: Dell Latitude 5400 Chromebook


Acer is a Taiwanese computer-manufacturer with a best value for the money and most of the time with Acer you get what you pay for. Acer laptops offer a wide range of top-rated laptops and are affordable. They also offer decent battery life along with stunning build. Acer laptops are mostly loved by professional gamers due to their smooth and powerful performance. The performance of the Acer Laptops is commendable despite the affordability.

Besides the widest-possible range of gadgets, Acer also offers a decent customer support system to the customers. These include interactions via live chat, telephonic calls, email, and social media platforms. Acer’s laptops are affordable for every person who is planning to purchase a laptop. The Acer Travelmate P645 is one of the best laptops ever manufactured by the Acer Company. Its high performance, brilliant battery life, and security features make this brand one of the world’s best-selling laptop brands. There’s hope for thanks to the company’s innovative gaming laptop design that could potentially propel the company upward in the ranks next year.



Top-Rated Acer Laptops

  • Best Laptop: Acer Swift 3 (2020, AMD Ryzen 7 4700U)
  • Best 2-in-1 laptop: Acer Chromebook Spin 713
  • Best Budget Laptop: Acer Aspire E 15

6. Asus

Asus has finally risen to the top to claim the crown in top 10. After years of pushing innovative and risky features packed in the most glorious designs we’ve seen, it all finally paid off. ASUS laptops are affordable and reliable compared to other brands and reason behind that might be their in-house manufacturing of motherboards. The display, battery life and user interface are highly appreciated in the markets. The screen to body ratio of Asus laptops are excellent and when topped with the innovative designs, these laptops are a feast for eyes.

Their mini laptops and Chromebooks are highly known for being the best budget-friendly machines. Asus also produces Notebooks that is the most amazing thing to its users. The best model of this brand is Notebooks which has got awareness from all over the world. They are backed with an ultra-thin aluminum body, extra-long battery life, and a bright matte display. 

Asus blew us away with the Zephyrus G14 and the ROG Mothership, with the former being the longest lasting gaming laptop around, and the latter being the first detachable gaming laptop. They also offer unbelievably powerful gaming laptops thanks to their ASUS ROG series and these days most of the gamers prefer ASUS ROG over MSI and Alienware machines.





Top-Rated Asus Laptops

  • Best Laptop: Asus ExpertBook B9450
  • Best Gaming: Asus ROG Zephyrus G14
  • Best Value and Selection: Asus VivoBook S15

7. MSI

Micro-Star International Co., Ltd is a Taiwan-based company best famous for laptops, desktops, motherboards, graphics cards, industrial computers, etc. MSI is the best gaming laptop available in recent times. The innovative designs of these machines attract gamers. MSI is one of the best laptop brands for gaming and is highly known for delivering the best high-end gaming laptops. MSI is considered as a leading brand in games and eSports globally. It’s a leading brand for gamers and they don’t really have anything for budget users. Their laptops are usually very expensive but the quality is unbelievable. They keep coming up with new innovations and amazingly designed machines that are attracted by gamers.

Their laptops are usually very expensive but the quality is unbelievable. They keep coming up with new innovations and amazingly designed machines that are attracted by gamers. MSI’s laptops look incredible with its beautiful design. You don’t need to worry about the performance for the reason that they promise to give high performances to its users. They also use high-end hardware and powerful batteries. The build quality is exceptional with a unique set of trackers built with them. 

The brand launched the MSI G series which has got attention from gamers of the world. These laptops give many features, and it is a highly trustworthy one. MSI laptops are best for people who are interested in gaming. Gaming laptops like the MSI GT76 Titan and the MSI GS66 Stealth, redesigning both, one looking as slick as a premium consumer laptop and the other packing the largest battery that the TSA would even allow. Users love laptops from MSI and almost all of their machines have positive reviews. 



Top-Rated MSI Laptops

  • Best High-End Gaming: MSI GT76 Titan
  • Best Thin and Light Gaming: MSI GS66 Stealth
  • Best Premium Consumer Laptop: MSI Prestige 14

8. Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Corporation is American based company that develops, manufactures many licensed software and hardware products. It is the largest producer of personal computers. Microsoft’s Windows 10 products are built for faster performance, thinner and they are more powerful. It has a lot of features in a single product. The software giant is best known for offering Surface-branded gadgets. 

Microsoft Surface is a crowd pleaser for various reasons. The aesthetics of the device and top-class hardware and value for money is the best feature of these laptops. The battery life is also commendable. Microsoft’s laptop and tablet lineup is solid but uninspired. We also got a new budget tablet in the Surface Go 2, which is a great update thanks to its larger display, faster performance and longer battery life. Microsoft didn’t do too much to  rock the boat this time around. Microsoft is purely a consumer-based brand so there are no gaming laptops, business laptops, workstations, rugged notebooks or Chromebooks. 



Top-Rated Microsoft Laptops

  • Best Laptop: Surface Laptop 3
  • Best 2-in-1 laptop: Surface Book 3 
  • Best Budget Laptop: Surface Go 2

9. Razer

The company has committed itself to revolutionize gaming with its diverse range of gadgets. Their laptops are known for the graphics and overall game-playing performance. The exceptional processing power on display justifies the exorbitant price tags. The gaming laptops from Razer with their powerful sensors and amazing display features justify their high price tags.

Razer comes up with a unique feature for laptops and one can explore the entire range of gaming laptops that will be suitable for work and play. The laptops come with best graphics on great display that has the newest technology comprised within the system. Razer is often referred to as the Apple of the gaming world, and for good reason. The company doesn’t offer many laptops but those it does sell are consistently great.

It’s clear that the company has high standards. Every Razer laptop we reviewed has a sturdy unibody-aluminum chassis, a gorgeous display and top performance in their respective categories. They’re also very expensive, so committing to Razer is an investment. Razer offers something for every gamer who is not on a budget. There is the portable Blade Stealth, the more affordable base Blade 15, the stunning Blade 15 OLED and the beastly Blade 17. Each has their own advantages although there are a few shortcomings.



Top-Rated Razer Laptops

  • Best overall laptop: Razer Blade 15
  • Best laptop for creatives: Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition

10. Samsung

Samsung is the most heard name in the field of gadgets. Samsung is a huge name when it comes to smartphones, tablets, televisions, air conditioners, and refrigerators. With their service centers worldwide, it’s one of the most popular electronics brands. Though the laptops from Samsung don’t have a huge customer base, the slim gadgets with decent specs are enough to get them a space as high-end laptops. Most of the users avoid going with Samsung due to its poor battery life and classic design.

There’s still a lot of improvements the company can make, especially in expanding their catalog, but Samsung has impressed us with the bold and colorful designs of their latest laptops. it makes laptops for all types of budgets. This is a Korean company that promises to give updated features to its users. The brand has got awareness from all over the world due to its extraordinary features. Their laptops have got an elegant and stylish look, and it has a slim and very glossy design.

Samsung’s laptops are offering features like high performance, brilliant battery life, and a brighter display. Besides that, their laptops are affordable for everyone who is planning to purchase a laptop. Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 Plus is the best-selling laptop model which is one of the super-slim laptops and is having excellent features. Some of the best lineups from the company include the Galaxy Books, Notebook 9, Notebook Odyssey, and Notebook Flash. some of the popular laptops such as ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Plus. These laptops are known for their ultra-thin design and great specifications.



  • Best Laptop: Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15
  • Best Chromebook: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook
  • Best Budget Laptop: Samsung Chromebook 4